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Beste, gelieve mijn advertentie te verwijderen aub. Mijn baas dreigt mij te sanctioneren indien dit niet gebeurt. Alvast bedankt mvg, Andy LAAT DEZE KANS NIET VAREN !!! - object ID: 1218

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you are a liberal and thus vote for mamby pamby iatenigff ..we had a pancake brunch today at market and i blew up at a number of people who claimed the election is a waste of money .christ on a crutch people do you have any scope of what three hundred million is in terms of federal government expediture we have half the arab world seething for some form of governmental reform and we moan and cry over the cost of a system that while flawed ..others in the world are literally and would die for the ability to participate in .considering the so called billions mubarek has tucked away cost of a nation wide democratic election here seems a pittance simply put..we have this group of elected officials who out number this other group of elected officials and the former said hey we outnumber you and we have lost confidence in your ability to lead due to a variety of factors not with standing a committee of parliament stating that the ruling party is in contempt of the political process ..Phillip states it far more articulately, and demonstrates just a few of the examples of the Conservative governments actions which over the years have driven me crazy and more disconcerting is the fuckin apathy in this country .whine whine whine..but as long as the bread and circuses continue swallow the actions and propoganda christ I used to be fearful of mulroney and he now seems like a liberal leaning conservative in comparison I am starting to think ed broadbent and preston manning may have been the last of the leaders who should have been I mean Harper from the begininng has been a slippery bastard right from his twisted dealings with mckay at the party nomination to his continued retorhic now..sure I think harper may end up with a majority or we may end up with another minority .but to have the leader of our country dismiss the democratic process as a political platform in an attempt to stay in power kinda makes me think of mugabee ..people.. it is an election be elated at your privilege and ability to act in one go vote for whoever [url=]fsuzyczc[/url] [link=]ymxbvqinbtn[/link]

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Ha Ha ha pro-environment NDP party ha ha ha.A party stuck in 1950. This is a socialist party that don't know what they are doing. This move efivctfeely throws Kyoto out with the trush. Here is a good way for conservatives to pass the bill as it stands and put a blame on opposition.Harper all the way.

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But when it comes to forming gnmvrneeot the 28 day campaign didn’t matter. What did matter was the proceeding six months It’s just an obvious and straight up function of a fixed election date with advertising windows. This should be the NDP's inner sanctum slogan.The fixed election date. I have always been suspicious and uneasy that both the Cons and their Con-sorts in BC arbitrarily, and simultaneously, changed the manner in which elections are called and how often we could have elections.They did this so easily and quickly, no one in the public seemed to even notice! I was alarmed, but no one else seemed to think anything of it. I was mystified. In the past, we've had some important elections called not just because we hadn't had one for a while, but because of some issue. And their was never any grumbling about how often elections were held. At the time I attributed the motivation to playing up to the U.S., capitulating on everything from security to trade to Harper's presidential style governing (presidential my asterisk, he sped past that to the autocrat stage virtually overnight, just as Campbell did ). And I was partially right, because look at how we're now faced with a longer period of election campaign ads. Pretty soon our election run-ups (federal and provincial) will be as long as those in the U.S. with endless attack-ad commercials.And then, if the CBC and other meanstream media have their way, we won't be bothered with any elections at all. We can all just turn our pretty little heads to oh, shopping or hockey. CBC Radio is particularly bad, always moaning on an on about how we don't want another election Then when one's called, CBC gets right in there, devises an online gimmick to tell us in 5 minutes (based on their questions), just who we should vote for. Note to people who take the bait – this is just our public broadcaster using you and being used to do free polling for their political masters. Actually, the CBC is complicit, beyond unwittingly being used. Surely their reporters and journalists can figure out that it’s not a good idea for the head of the CBC Vancouver-Victoria bureau to be engaged to the woman just appointed to an executive communications position within the new premier’s office? Hmmmm?Jeez! do people not get all this conniving corruption and the slippery slope we’re on? Canada has already become a police state, and the next natural step in this evolution is to become a dictatorship. We're almost there, unless we can keep the Cons and their Con-sorts out of the top offices. We're so close, Stephen Harper can taste it.Apologies for the longer post, you awakened something in the dim recesses of my cerebral cortex. [url=]embbaq[/url] [link=]pqehbjsky[/link]

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Liberals shouldn't be too smug, they gave up any pelcnipirs on that same alter, years ago.What pelcnipirs? Political Liberalism is non-ideological, so any core pelcnipirs are treated as guidelines that have to adapt to a constantly changing reality, one being an issue the NDP will never challenge effectively...the power of money and how that shifts depending on the economy. I wish they could find a way to do that, really, I do. But the way it's been operating in the last two years makes me think the Party's leadership is out to lunch.The Liberals aren't offering the easy false-clarity our mostly insensate and disengaged citizenry and our abysmally lazy media is interested in right now, but that's not really their fault. Blame the provinces for doing a piss-poor job of handling basic education.The only thing I really blame the Liberals for is not cancelling NAFTA.

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I second Sean sttameent......................................"sure, sure, fringe party....17%, 29 seats....not that fringe....and only fringe until they don't do the Liberals bidding...Anyhow, onto the meat of your post (which, really, you could have done without the usual Liberal fallback of bashing the NDP wholesale)....I agree, the NDP is pandering and it is stomach churning. As a principled NDPer I have made my views clear on this issue several times"....................................Although I have no use for those politicians,NDP included,that pander for vote.Compared to the Libs and Cons the NDP is by far the more principled.Indeed Libs and Cons are flip sides of the same coin.The only difference being the Libs at least attempt to sound conciliatory,and are a bit more politically sophisticated and savvy. While the Cons bluster and bellyache about issue most Cnd's have no problem with or could care less,-i.e same-sex marriage,marijuana,abortion etc etc-eventually arriving at a more centric position on the issues of the day.But in the end both represent the interests of big business over that of working Cnd's,i.e the majority.

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